• If I made name changes on nin and it reflects can I still use profile code I used for last year or I’ll generate another one

    • Generate new one

  • I made changes on my nin first and went to jamb for change of name 2nd of June 2023,i printed my result last month but it’s still the previous name that’s reflecting. A red asterik was beside it to show a change was done but it’s the previous one that’s reflecting on the uni’s portal and jamb result. Clearance is coming up soon and I don’t know what to do

  • I make changes of name in my nin how will I know that the name has changed

  • I’m trying to generate a new code on a new SIM it disapproves it, it works only on my old sim with the incorrect name data

  • How can I create a new profile code? Because I made a change of name but jamb was not able to solve the issues before my school admissions portal ended

  • Is change of name going to reflect on my school portal. Soon it dose not charge in jamb portal

  • have changed my name on my nin and i want it to reflect on my jamb profile how i go about it ?

  • I want to know weather my name abbreviated have change on jamb portal.
    My registration number is 96339435IC

  • With the same number

  • I did change of name in NIN and it has not be corrected on jamb portal since last year.

  • Yes I want to write Jamb but I made a mistakes on my NIN and have do the correction on that
    Didn’t reflect on jamb portal

    Since have done it

  • PLS I changed my name at the NIN office but when I registered for jamb it was still showing the wrong one,I also downloaded an NIN app,when I logged in,it also showed me the wrong one.why haven’t it reflected yet?

  • I registered jamb with my old identity, but later did Nin change of name, I as well applied for same on jamb but since last year it has not reflected on jamb portal till now, please I need help because I can’t do my clearance in school because my documents carry different names from the jamb slip. please help me!

  • please I did name correction last year so I decided to check now but I’m still seeing the wrong one
    Please what’s wrong

  • please I did name correction on my jamb since last year and it has not reflected till now
    Please what’s wrong

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