• I accept mine but everything changed to the course they transferred me I also did my change of course but I did not do thumb printing how will I know wat I did was successful

    • check your dashboard regularly

  • I applied for computer science but jamb transfer my course to industrial chemistry i accepted it since last month but it’s still showing not admitted

  • If I reject the jamb course transfer offer, will I still be given another course ??

    • I think you will need to apply for another one

  • Please, Is it compulsory to do change of course after accepting the transfer?

  • If I do not do my change of course after accepting the course I’m been transferred to, will it affect my admission from jamb?

    • No

  • Please sir, is it possible to be offered a different course by the institution totally different from what jamb offered me?

  • Jamb offered me a new course and I accepted it in my transfer approval and did change of course immediately to the new course but I later realized that I should have waited till it reflect in the admission status before I could change course, pls do it affect my admission because my jamb caps is still showing not admitted for 2weeks now

  • If I accept it am I going to change my course at school?

  • I applied for computer science but jamb transfer my course to mathematics i accepted it, I did change of course to mathematics.its been 3 weeks now and it’s still showing not admitted

  • After accepting transfer approval and doing the change of course, am I guaranteed the admission?

  • My daughter accepted her transfer of admission which is physiotherapy from medicine and surgery and it reflected immediately on her admission status but with not admitted, but the next day, her admission status changed to the original medicine and surgery, pls what happened and what can we do?

  • I am trying to accept it and it is showing me pending candidates action
    Do you understand why?

  • I have accepted the transfer of course
    But still yet my admission status link is showing not admitted .those it means I am not going to admitted again

  • Please where is the transfer admission link ?

  • Can I print admission letter due to change of course on transfer approval without my admission status showing admitted

    • No

  • Is jamb inter university transfer form 300k.

    • No idea on the price

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